Report it

Report to your local law enforcement agency

Note that it may be appropriate to report to more than one of these resources about the same concern. If a child is at immediate risk, call 911.

In Winnipeg

If you have information about sexual exploitation through prostitution, contact the Winnipeg police. The Winnipeg Police Service—Counter Exploitation Unit investigates prostitution offences. This unit has a number of initiatives to assist neighbourhoods. For details, contact the Counter Exploitation Unit:

Phone: (204) 986-3464

Examples of what to report

  • You see an individual on the street engaging with someone who appears under 18 for the purpose of prostitution
  • You have knowledge that an individual is selling a child for sex (pimping)

In Manitoba—Outside Winnipeg

Elsewhere in Manitoba, contact your local RCMP office or your local law enforcement service. Click here for a list of RCMP Detachments within Manitoba.

Anywhere in Canada

Report online sexual exploitation to
Toll-free phone number: 1-866-658-9022

Examples of what to report

  • You stumble upon child abuse images (child pornography) on the Internet.
  • A child has been contacted for a sexual purpose over the Internet.
  • You stumble upon a website promoting travelling for the purpose of abusing a child (child sex tourism)

Report to Manitoba Justice—Public Safety Investigations Unit

The Public Safety Investigations Unit is a division of Manitoba Justice and works in partnership with local police to enforce the Safer Communities and Neighbourhoods Act. It works by holding property owners accountable for threatening or disturbing activities that regularly take place on their property. The identity of the person who files the complaint is confidential.

Examples of what to report

  • You suspect someone is dealing, using or producing drugs in a house or other property in your neigbourhood.
  • You suspect a property in your neighbourhood is being used for the sexual exploitation of children through prostitution.
  • A property is being used to store guns, weapons or explosives on a regular basis.

Frequently asked questions about this act (PDF)

Contact: Manitoba Justice
Public Safety Investigations Unit
1430-405 Broadway
Winnipeg, MB. R3C 3L6
Phone: (204) 945-3475
Toll Free: 1-800-954-9361
Website: Manitoba Justice—Safer Communities

Report to Your Local Child and Family Service Agency

The Child and Family Services Act of Manitoba states that everyone has the legal responsibility to report information that leads them to reasonably believe that a child is, or might be in need of protection.

You can make an anonymous report to Child and Family Services.

Contact: Child and Family Services (all CFS agencies within Winnipeg)
Daytime phone: (204) 944-4200
Evening phone: (204) 944-4050

To find the number for your specific area within rural Manitoba: 1-888-834-9767

Examples of what to report

  • You are aware that a child is being exploited through prostitution within his/her family.
  • Parents are aware of their child being exploited sexually but are not acting to stop it.