Get help

If you need crisis support please contact Klinic Community Health Centre at 1-888-322-3019.

If you're a youth that needs help, you may also contact one of the safe homes listed below.

Safe Homes

Honouring the Spirit of Our Little Sisters: Safe Transition Home, Winnipeg
Ma Mawi Wi Chi Itata
Winnipeg, MB
Ph: (204) 925-1778
Website: Ma Mawi

A safe transition home for female and transgender youth, between the ages of 13 and 17, who are being subjected to, and at risk for continued, sexual exploitation. Here, young women benefit from comprehensive holistic programming that fosters a safe, welcoming and respectful environment. This includes the provision of family group decision making, cultural opportunities, education, employment, training, mentoring, life skills and volunteerism. Self, agency and community referrals are accepted. It is a voluntary program. Short-term emergency shelter for youth who are sexually exploited may be possible based on availability of space.


Marymound Treatment Program for Sexually Exploited Youth
442 Scotia Street
Winnipeg, MB R2V 1X4
Ph: (204) 885-3310
Website: Marymound

Referral is through Child Welfare only.
There is one group care facility specifically designed for girls who have been sexually abused, including sexual exploitation. The facility serves six girls between the ages of 14-17. There is a second group facility for boys who have been sexually abused, and at-risk or sexually exploited. A multi-disciplinary team, including the Marymound Sexual Abuse Treatment Program, meets the specific needs of young people who have experienced sexual trauma and exploitation.


Ndinawe (Our Relatives Home) Winnipeg Youth Resource Center
Ph: (204) 589-5545
Fax: (204) 589-5656

The Resource Centre is a culturally based resource that offers community based programs to marginalized youth including youth involved in or at risk of sexual exploitation. Activities include employment program, sports league, drum group, drum making, art night, young mother’s night out youth bingo, parent education workshops, life skills training, homework club and much more.


Youth Safe Home
Ph: (204) 586-2588
Fax: (204) 589-4086

The Safe Home offers a nurturing, supportive, safe environment for youth who are street involved or at risk of sexual exploitation, to stay on an interim basis. (1 day-3 months)


Youth Outreach Program
Ph: (204) 589-5545
Fax: (204) 589-5656

The Outreach program provides culturally based, short term supports or office visits for children or youth from 11-18, at risk of or involved in sexual exploitation. The team works in the North End of Winnipeg helping with necessary referrals to Ndinawe or other support programs, provides advocacy for youth involved in life on the streets, and gives out food, condoms and referral numbers.