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That's a smart answer to a tricky quetosin

2013-01-12 03:28:24


As far back as I can remember I have been sexually abused. I want my story to be shared so people can be aware of the terrible things that go on in even the most 'perfect' families. I want to help kids with these situations as well. It makes me sick what was done to me and what is done to children everywhere every day.

2012-12-08 01:47:24


As far back as I can remember I have been sexually abused. I want my story to be shared so people can be aware of the terrible things that go on in even the most 'perfect' families. I want to help kids with these situations as well. It makes me sick what was done to me and what is done to children everywhere every day.

2012-12-08 01:47:04


The sex trade has affected old friends of mine, one sexualy abused as child, one coherced by pimps, one overweight outcast, one adopted and ignored, and I also in my young adulthood knew pimps. As I have aged I just wish that there was something I could do for girls and young women who are taken in and abused for sex. I went to a college where the conversation was about speaking with a prostitute and she had explained that she was doing it for the money. My hopes is that though I was chastised for speaking otherwise that these students now know the truth. What saddens me even more is that people look down on these girls even when they come off the street, receive counsel, and become part of the general public. People unfortunately are sick enough to verbally abuse these ex victims. I think if our country actually put in laws that would keep the child abusers out of the general public, and the johns would be charged for buying humans maybe it would start slowing down. What police and social services are now recognizing the rest of us knew a long time ago. Many kids are looking for justice.

2012-11-18 03:37:08

Louisa Longford

@Barb @Amanda Flamand @Marie Thank you Barb for bringing back the conversation to the victims not our own opinions or differences. Love all the enthusiasm! This needs to happen. We do need to talk about it. The more people know the better. Thank you to all who are sharing their stories.

2012-10-25 23:26:12

Anik Monast

A couple of weeks ago a documentary movie was presented at my local church.The film was title Merchant of Souls, a wide spread consern of women and children trafficking through out the globe.What an awakening of repressed memories.For the first time in my life I strongly felt the need to speak up on the matter.I believe that I am in one in many Canadian women who suffered from past sexual abuse yet clearly on a smaller scale of recognition and yet on the path of ful recovery.Being abused in my chilhood a year afer being put in the of ottawa children aid I was brudaly rape taking my virginity blocks from where the group home I resided at.Deeply and emotionly scared, my young body covered in bruises and blood and left many years after puzzled to why was I never taken seriouly. Since the impact of this document,God has began a healing process in my life and I have just recently requested these files to be reopened,still waiting sugesting a report was never established on either cases.This cause me to really doubt some of my countries laws to ensure that victims such as myself will no longer fall into the cracks of our system and protect the innocent from their predators.Another down fall is the terrible outcome of the aftermath of a generation that is hiding behind memory blocks,protecting in many ways, but at a cost,they cut off us survivors from a significant part of their history and leave many without good explanations for negative self image,low self esteem,and other mental health issues, addicts,prostitues and many more in the hands of our Canadian criminal justice. We as Canadians women have lived to witness our freedom expand through out Canadian history, we fought to have our privilleges given to us such as the right to vote for a governent that will consider once again its laws to protect my and many more generation to come of women and children victims of abuse.

2011-12-14 12:06:28


There seems to be very little informatin on this website regarding people in a possition of trust (coaches, youth group leaders, spiritual leaders etc) abusing kids. I'm interested in stats etc from Manitoba. Is there another website where this information can be found or has nobody in Manitoba really looked into this data yet?

2011-11-30 11:45:47


I am so happy to see this campaign. As a 16 year old I left an abusive home and ended up of the street There I was sexually abused/exploited by men, sometimes for money but often for things in kind, like food and a place to sleep. I hated it but I withstood it anyways, for lack of any other way I knew of to survive. If that sounds sick it's because it is, except that for years I thought I was the sick one for "letting it happen". Today, however, I'm in therapy and working on my recovery from what happened to me back then, and am realizing that I'm not the sick one. The men who used me sexually are. I'm so glad that your campiagn stresses this point so clearly. On the subject of prostitution I am dismayed that our courts have been leaning toward legalizing the practice. For children and adults alike, those engaged in it hardly have a choice, and if they do its not much of one. Legalizing it will not improve their lot, only worsen it, since legitimizing prostitution can only re-enforce what it is fundamentally wrong with it, that being the buying and selling of another human being. That said, the criminal onus should be removed from the people being prostituted and placed soley on the men who buy sex. They have a choice that women and children who are being sexually exploited don't have.

2011-09-05 21:14:13


@ RICH, i agree with you that not all sexual abuse cases are males, and the other part needs to be adressed as well, in saying this though males are majority at fault and need to accept responsability for thier actions, everyone needs to be aware that this happens and starting with the majority is just that a start, sexual expliotation happens to male females and is done by both sex all races, age groups etc, no matter who it is done to by whatever gender it is wrong and it is wrong to have sex with a child and it is our job to protect the children, what happened to was wrong and i am sorry you wen through that it shouls have never happened. know that we all as adults need to take responabilty and protect children and that is what is trying to say.

2011-06-15 01:28:10

Amanda Flamand

I live in Wpg's North End and see no more advertising from this campaign. I think people have taken down all the postings. I would definetely be more than happy to completely blanket the north end with posters!!!

2011-05-29 10:09:32

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