Individual action

There are many things individuals can do to prevent and stop child sexual exploitation.

  • Report abuse: If you suspect a child is being sexually exploited, report it.

  • Increase your knowledge: It's not an easy issue to hear or talk about. But unless we all take steps to know the facts about child sexual exploitation as well as the resources available, we can't take the right action to prevent or stop it.

  • Visit the sections on the left side menu of this website to learn more.

  • Take part in community action: Visit the Action Update page and plan to take part in an event/program sponsored by a community group or organization.

  • Volunteer with youth at risk: Positive role models and mentors can make a huge difference to a child that is at risk of sexual exploitation. Many of the agencies and programs listed on our Know the Resources page welcome volunteers. Consider contributing your time.

  • Spread the word: Tell your friends, family and colleagues about the Stop Sex with Kids campaign and encourage them to become involved. Start by forwarding the link to this website to them. You can also contact us to display campaign posters in your community.

  • Contact your MLA: Our provincial government has taken positive steps to address child sexual exploitation. Let your Member of the Legislative Assembly know that you favour these steps and support further action.

    Use this form to send a message to your MLA

    Create your PERSONAL DECLARATION OF ACTION itemizing what you will do to Stop Sex with Kids.